Is the service safe?
We have conducted our service on more than 100,000 accounts since the early stages of Instagram.
There have been no problems at all.
How does the service work?
The service starts within 5-10 mins after you complete the payment.
The order may be delayed if there is server checking.
* For Communication service, it starts within 1-2 day except on holidays.
What kinds of accounts are used for the service?
The accounts used for the service are real accounts included in the network we established.
Why can’t private accounts use the service?
If your account is a private account, the system cannot perceive your account.
If you want the service, please keep your account as public.
What is the regulation for a refund or exchange?
Once the service is started, you cannot get a refund or exchange. In addition, the refund for mistaking your ID is not possible. Please check your ID before you use the service.
We are not responsible for the problems caused by not reading the precautions.
Is it okay if I use my account while in the service?
Except for switching to a private account, using other activities ( Login, Logout, Direct Message, Posting ) is fine.
Please refrain from changing your ID as it can cause a problem in your service.
Follower Up
When will the service be completed?
The service starts within 5-10mins after you complete the payment.
Since the completion time will vary depending on the product, please check the product details page.
What if the number of followers decreases?
In the case of services provided by Instaget, there is a very small decrease in followers.
But if the additional followers you get for the purchase reduces by 5% or more within the warranty period, It is possible to recover them.
※ Restoration is not possible when other service followers are confirmed.
What is the difference between Follower up and Daily Follower Up?
Follower up service increases the number of followers in a short time whereas Daily Follower Up service increases the number of followers by dividing the purchase time period.
Daily follower up service is more suitable for customers who want a little more natural increase.
What is the Like up service?
This is an item that increases as much as the number of items you purchase.
It is possible to apply the service divided into several pictures.
Is it possible to use the same number of purchases divided into several times?
You can apply your Likes for several pictures at the time of ordering. But if you cannot use all of your Like items at the time of ordering, you cannot refund or exchange the remaining Like items.
As you will not be able to use them later, please use them up at the time of ordering.
Daily Follower UP
Can I change my ID while the service is in progress?
You can make changes through My Page.
Is the start time same every day?
The timing of daily followers may vary. The time may vary, but the number of people daily increase is guaranteed.
Daily Like Up
What is the Daily Like Up service?
This applies to posts uploaded from midnight 00:00, which is the start of the service, to 11:59 pm the following day.
It is applicable to a maximum of 4 pictures. If more than 4 pictures are included, they are not applicable.
If you post more than 5 posts within 24 hours, the service will not be applied to the remaining posts after the service has been applied in the order of publication, and will not be covered even if the service is recharged.
Is it possible to change the ID even when the service is in progress?
You can make changes on your My Page once a day.
Can I set a point of time to increase my Like?
You can set a point of time after you posted it. It can be set to one of:
<< immediate after it has been posted / 30 minutes / 1 hour / 4 hours>> when you place order.
If you need to make changes in the future, you can do so on My Page.
Can I change to smaller or larger product than my purchase?
Please contact Customer Center for product changes.
Can I stop or cancel the service?
If you turn off service activation, the service will not proceed anymore. Changes in service period and refunds are not allowed.
What happens if I delete a photo?
Even if you delete a post immediately after uploading the post, it will be counted.
If you delete one after four uploads, it will be checked that you have used all 4 pictures and it will not be applied to the pictures you upload later.
In this case, please upload again after midnight of resetting time.
Communication Service
Can I use accounts less than one month old?
If you are under an account for less than a month, there is a risk of service interruption and account deletion.
If you want to proceed safely, it is a good idea to apply for it after a month.
(You can start booking if you write down the date after one month in order form after application)
Do I need an ID and password? Is my account secure?
Inevitably, ID and password are essential to work with your Instagram account.
However, it will be discarded after the service and there’s no way for us to find out the password if you change the password.
Due to the effect of our server, the first login would be recognized as "International Login" and may require password reset via email.
Therefore, you must set up emails that you can receive in your Instagram Profile Edit.
What’s the target hashtag? Do I have to write the hashtags I wrote when posting my photos?
The hashtag you wrote in the order form is a tag that searches other users. It is not related to the tag you write when you upload.
It is a good idea to write down a number of tags such as the age, gender, and area of the user you wish to communicate with.
As the hashtags you wrote down is the setting tag for our solution, you don’t have to write them when you post.
Can I use my account while it is in the service?
You can use it for activities such as Login, Logout, Direct Message, Posting without restriction.
For the service, Instaget performs the utmost amount of activity that Instagram allows.
While you are using the Instaget service, please refrain from doing LIKE or Following activity.
If you exceed this limit, Instagram can give you a warning with 24 hours of suspend relevant function.
How do comments work?
One of the comment phrases you have given will be run randomly.
When does the unfollowing progress?
It is impossible for you to follow when your following reaches 7,500 which is limit number of following by Instagram.
The 30 days service which included following service can get it for free.
If the number of your following reaches 7,500, it will switch to unfollowing.
Manual switching can be set in My Page -> Progressing Service -> Check and modify service options
* You cannot switch to unfollow after completing the service.
How many followers can I expect?
The communication service is a service that induces the inter- response to other users by following, commenting, and liking.
The service is the same for all customers, but the number of inter-responses may be different
depending on the bond of sympathy you develop with other users, such as the number of posts you upload and followers
Do my followers disappear as the service ends?
The followers increased by communication service are the ones by other users’activity. It is irrelevant to unfollow.
What if I change my password?
The service will stop if you change your password.
The suspended time will not be extended. Please tell us your changed password via customer service.
How can I change my hashtag?
You can change it by visiting My Page – Progressing Service – Check service option and edit.
How do I avoid "liking" spam photos?
Our system has its own spam filter feature that makes it less likely for spam to be liked in these posts.
However, sometimes there are occasions when a spammer uses a very large number of hash tags.
In this case, you can go to the account and block, or change the hashtag. Or tell us about the spam post.
Is it possible to set up a hashtag or account that I do not want to communicate with?
Accounts and hashtags that you do not want to communicate can be set when you order a service.
The ID and tag you added will never be communicated.
Additional unwanted IDs and hashtags can be set on My Page, Progressing Services, or by contacting us.
I do not want to be active at a certain time. (Timer setting)
If you tell us the time you want, it will only work at that time.
Is it possible to pause?
It is possible to pause 1 time when purchasing Communication service more than 30 days.
The suspended service can be restarted within 30 days, and after 30 days, the suspended service will be deleted.
Please leave us a request to suspend.
I was notified that there was an unusual login attempt in the Instagram.
If you try to log in from somewhere other than your usual access,
our service may be recognized as a hacking attempt.
You can choose "It’s me" and If you click "Not me",
you may need to change your password and you have to let us know.